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Friday, June 16, 2006

Uber Big Sister

Got sidetracked this morning talking to my youngest sister on the phone. I called to complain about the website being down again (she's my webmistress when she isn't busy, heh) and of course the conversation was all about everything but my website ;-). I love catching up with my youngest sis (I'm older by least ten years). She's pregnant again. Ooooh boy. It wasn't that long when she was a baby in my arms! And now she's going to have two kids of her own.

Remember when I posted, my littlest niece, Tasha Karmen's pic:

That's her on her first birthday! Now she's going to be two this year. Argh, where did the time go?!

Anyway, morning flew by and I didn't get to watch all of the Brawny Man episodes that a reader sent me:

It's a reality show and I've just finished Episode One. I don't know what to think of it. I've seen versions of the Brawny Man before but I can't figure out whether this reality show is a spoof or an ad or that these characters are real. Have you seen it? Anyway, Brawny Man is not bad eye candy and so is one of the "candidates." Can't remember his name but if you watch the first episode, you can't miss him because the rest of the men are...well...very normal, heehee.

I hope the other episodes show more of Brawny Man's brawny chest.

Quick question: WHAT NEW AUTHOR IS YOUR DISCOVERY this year so far? Last year, my discoveries were Marjorie Liu and J R Ward, but I've been trying to remember whether I've picked up a new author that gives me the same WOW feeling in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

LOL my sister is nearly 10 yrs younger than to the day. Just 2 weeks after my birthday. All the babies in my family are Oct. Babies New "wow" authors? hmmm... Carrie Vaughn, Shana Abe,JR Ward, Alison Brennan, Heather Graham,I think thats all of the new authors, that i like anyway. My old fav's are still shooting out good works though so i'm always able to read something. As for Brawny it is in fact REAL (now lets all cringe together) I couldn't believe it. They have commercials for it telling you how to go to the website to see the shows. Which is how i found out about it. LOL. And the other contestants normal? They're cringe worthy. Did you see the guy with the lumberjack beard. Santa Clause meets the old-needed-to-be-improved-Brawny.

SQ said...

Aww...! Look at the sweetie. I love 'em at that age--too young to backtalk. I used to be a camp counselour/babysitter for kiddies 2-5 b/c they're just so freaking cute at that age. Oh, plus REALLY easy to entertain. Get a pair of light up shoes and you're good for 3 hours. Yes, I timed it.

As for new authors, the only books I've been reading this year have been yours, Barron's GRE review, Arco Foreign Service Officer Exam Review, and Ultimate Italian. So of the 4, you win. Thought Ultimate Italian is up there...

The chicken's getting mad at me. It won't do anything I command. Hmph! Stupid chicken. Someone bring me a duck!

Gennita Low said...

Good list of authors! As for Brawny Man, I can't believe that's really a reality show! Why isn't it on TV? I did have a good time with Brawny Man when he first came on as that guy in the wood lodge who took care of everything ;-).

Have you been subservientfied by the Subservient Chicken? Awwww. Have you commanded him to walk like a duck yet? You should.

Oh my, I beat Italian by a hair, hehe. I've been practicing my Russian Cyrillic writing again. It's been years and I've lost a lot of brain cells since I last wrote fluently. I'm sharpening my skills for ... T. Heh.


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