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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More SpyInfo Than You Want To Know About Furry Lurv

Current Mood: Here fierce lusty Lykae. Okay, my poms are more like foxes than wolves but don't tell them that....

Hey, I've got a new auto-buy author! I stayed up till 4am reading Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other. Wow--great beginning prologue. Loved, loved it. Only bump was the virgin-start/stop, start/stop stuff.

The writing style reminded me of Karen Marie Moning's--contemporary young sweet thang vs the big, strong Highlander immortal (driven by lust, need, love) but Cole is a little bit more violent. Also, her world building is fabulous--love the whole myth-lore about the vampire (Bride) (logic), Lykae (mate) (sensual), Valkyrie (emotionless warrior) (collective energy), etc. etc. The only thing that kept taking me out of my deep immersion in the story is the constant mention of these creatures' "claws." They don't seem to have hands, not even in natural form. I know the author probably didn't mean it that way, but it did interrupt my entrancement with the story. Any of you read this yet? I, of course, am always the last one to read anything, sigh.

Anyway, I blame Kresley Cole for interrupting my writing. Now I have to go get the next book, if it's out already.

Talking about strange dog behavior ;-), my furbabees are Krazeeeeee. My Magic, who passed on earlier this year, left one strange legacy: all her female children think they are males. They lift their legs. They growl at males that come near them when they're in heat. And...and...sigh, they hump each other and other FEMALES who are in heat.

LOL, too much information, huh? I can't help it. It's just too funny to watch when the two girls chase after another little girl of mine and try to do "it" while my male dogs sit around whining, wondering what to do with their "thang." Like the rest of my world, everything is a bit off.

Poor Brando, my king and favorite son. He's seventeen years old, a little blind and a lot slow. This does not seem to stop him from WANTING a two year old wild child, though. Cradle snatcher. Except that he's too old to climb on top of her. So he just sit as close as he could and whine. And whine. And beg. And beg. It's torturous listening to him. And Leila, the wild child? She's not giving any. Learning from her stepsisters. I'm begining to suspect that my female poms are Valkyries.

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Sweet Lysa said...

Mom's two female Taco Bells dogs were in heat last week so we kept them in gma's room, seperated from the boys. Only two of the boys aren't fixed. Little Harley who could careless what he's supposed to do and Buddy, the weiner dog who thinks he's a Taco Bell dog. Well... since Buddy couldn't get to Baby or Sugar and he was let outside, he decided that the black male cat outside was his species.

I don't think I've seen a cats ears flatten so fast in my life. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Read A Hunger Like No Other. Gotta say the "claws" didn't turn me off. I just got the feeling that their fingernails would turn murderous when they were pissed, scared or both. Loved the story and looking forward to the second book. Lacinda's? However, I think it'll be hard to beat AHLNO. Gotta buy Mist's though. My dog, a small runt boston terrier, Kelly(female) is always humping my overweight black lab Courtney(also female). I heard from a Biologist that they do this more to show dominance than to actually try to mate. Which is true, Kelly is a true dictator. LOL ~Athena

Gennita Low said...

Sweet Lyse, Poor kitty ;-).

Athena, Yeah, AHLNO was really good! Just need the visual of the claws out of my mind when I think of them touching each other, that's all!

As for the dominance thing, maybe so, but my poor Leila!


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