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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Getting back into routine mode, so random thoughts:

1) Have you notice that as American Idol gets more and more into the final stages, the teeth of the dwindling number of finalists get whiter and whiter? You just wait till the final two. Their teeth will be dazzling snowy white when they open their mouth for those long, drawn-out notes, or in Chris' case, long drawn-out man-shriek ;-).

2) I paid $7.95 in the Atlanta hub so I could get on the Internet. It's an all-day pass but who spends more than an hour or two on the computer while they are in-between flights. Yes, someone is making a LOTSA money from Internet addicts. Also, the connection slows down quite a bit and it's hard to get certain sites. So don't do it. Really. LOL.

3) I was staring at pant legs while people watching at the airport. I'm short and I always have to fold up my jean legs, even with three-inch heels. Please don't tell me I can go to a dressmaker,'s going to be same reason why I don't go to the hairdresser, the mall, the carwash, etc. Anyway, I find that most guys don't roll up their pants, even the short dudes; they just let the pantlegs scrunch up against their shoes. For some reason, that bothers me.... Also, I kept wondering whether I was the ONLY lazy woman at the airport who didn't take the time to cut down the length of her jeans and sew them because everyone had perfectly fitting jeans, with the legs just touching the top of their shoes/boots. It was depressing. Then I saw one woman with rolled up pant legs. Finally. There is at least one other person in the airport like me ;-).

Talking about pants, I almost died laughing when one young man sitting in front of me got up to get his totebag, etc. He had such HUGE pants on, the crotch was around his knees. I swear to God, he couldn't even take a full stride. And of course, he didn't fold up his pant legs, are you kidding? They looked like rolls of fat on a Sharpei around his shoes. How he managed to wheel his tote and carry his shoulder bag while shuffling like that, I have no idea. I felt like leaning forward and hitching his pants up for him so he could walk faster!

4) More male and female POV observations. While I was in Colorado, I was admiring this:

and thinking, wouldn't it be nice to build it on this ledge:

and while I was dreaming about a beautiful study overlooking the Colorado mountains, the male was admiring this and discussing about digging a big hole:

I'm thinking of building in the lush mountains and he's all excited about digging a hole (the house and scenery is behind him). See? Same place. Totally different perspective.

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WendyK said...

LOL Well Jenn, my man is a construction man and has driven that little machine often. He has his own keys to one and loves it. My baby boy at 4 has already been in one and says I get one for me to play with now.LOL

I look at old houses and think I'd love to live there or wow that could be beautiful. He looks at them and says it'd cost this to fix it, or I'd get to use this tool to do this, or I'd have to buy this tool for this.........


Glad to see you back, BTW.

SQ said...

Hey, it works out for the both of you. He gets to dig a ginormous hole to put the foundation for your house on the cliffs. Um...but house on the cliff? Out West? Isn't there some big fault line over there? I'm just saying...

Jeans tip: Banana Republic will hem regular priced pants in store, no charge. And take heart. I stand at 5'7" and still have to have all my pants hemmed. I got laughed at by staff at J.Crew because only the petite pants fit me. But I was taller than the sales girl, who was wearing regular inseam pants. She brought in additional staff to witness the phenomenom.

Gennita Low said...

Hi Wendy, I don't think it is just construction men who like tractors and things that dig. ;-)

SQ, So you think I might start an earthquake over there? LOL. Actually, I just like the view but I wouldn't want to live so high up where it's total blackness outside once the sun sets. No streetlights, all wilderness....

Also, it's scary to announce to salespeople that I wear a SIZE 0, depending on brand. Whatever does that mean?! But it says so on the label...Size 0. OTOH, I can't buy sweatpants in any ladies size to fit me so I wear Size 16 Youth/Boys. Sheesh.

SQ said...

Ugh. So lucky! My gfs and sisters are all size 0 too! But they eat like they've got tapeworms. I just keep wondering where the heck they store it all?

I'll let you in on their big shopping secret--Forever21, Don't know if they've opened in Florida yet, but when they 1st opened here in NYC, all the Asians flocked there b/c 1) clothing cut smaller and slimmer, 2) stylish stuff, and 3) uber cheap. I'm talking $25 or less.

Also, in my group of freakishly skinny family and friends, one of us heads to Asia to visit at some point every year. We send that poor loser back with a list and tell 'em to buy an extra large bag for our "souvenirs."

One buddy came back with a big rolley suitcase stuffed with bras for the girlies...and got stopped by customs! Bag was bulging but customs dudes opened it anyways. Whammo! Explosion of bras! Customs dudes just stared as they got showered in bras. Hee hee hee!


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