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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spies and Sex

Here is today's interesting video click. Geraldo At Large had a short feature on today's new hot novels, not your mother's romance, as the interviewer said. Heads up to my writing buddy Liz Maverick on TV, woohoo! Click on the link, scroll down to Feb. 23, 2006.


Of course, the dialogue by those two characters for the TV show ("I want you tonight and I'm not taking no")? Ugh. So doesn't make me want to watch.

There's one line in the feature that I disagree with, though. The author told the interviewer that in the past, the romance stops at the bedroom door or with the lights fading out. Umm...what decade is she talking about? ;-) Girlfriend, romance has gone beyoud that since the late eighties.

Today's hotter romance is called romantica. Anyone wants to give me a definition? Who's your #1 romantica author? Would you include Shannon McKenna in this category or would you call her books romantic suspense? Romantica suspense? Do you enjoy a hot read about a marathon romp between the sheets or would you prefer the give and take of sexual tension?

After watching the feature again, I still can't decide what makes today's books "hotter." Is it because the sex is more explicit? But it's not THAT much more explicit, just less purple language. So what makes it hotter for you, the reader?

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Anonymous said...

For me, I want intensity. Forget everything else, just gotta have sex this minute, this second, and don't care if the building falls down. Or I want total control, manipulation, like Stefan. Can't wait to see what woman can make him lose control.

kathleen dante said...

Hmmm... I have to say that the only time my characters had a marathon romp, there were *no* sheets in sight anywhere. LOL

That said, I have to say it depends on the situation and my mood. Sometimes I prefer the sexual tension, but when the H/H finally get down to things, it had better be scalding! Great sexual tension shouldn't in a four-page (or shorter) sweaty towel scene. Talk about a party pooper!

I consider Shannon McKenna romantic suspense, based on what I've read.

What makes it hotter for me? MORE JED!!! ;>

Anonymous said...

I personally like the sexual tension followed by a marathon between the sheets, if possible not too far in the book.

I do feel that the sex is more explicit...or is it that I've bought more explicit books since I turned 30...The fact that the book covers are a lot less corny and that we can also buy online might have helped women buy more sexual oriented books. So maybe books were already explicit but were they as accessible?
Having said that, I am just a fan, I am also french and have nothing to do with the book business, so what do I know?:-)

What makes a book hotter for me? hmm...strong and very controling characters and the idea of seeing those charaters loose control ; explicit and long sexual scenes (for which you've waited long enough but not too long) and between which the tension is kept at a good level :nothing like feeling on a roller coaster.

Laurence (lorans)

Anonymous said...

I began my reading career with "Devil's Desire" around 35 years ago. At that time, I think the hottest scene I ever read was in "Sweet Savage Love" by Rosemary Rogers. The only book by Janet Daily that is on my keeper shelf is "Touch the Wind". So being captive obviously does it for me. I love the suspense books because the men are such, well, men. I want a man to be taller, much stronger, cold (except with the one), dangerous, lethal, willing to kill for her, and he absolutely must bring all that into the bedroom.

Mei said...

I'm not sure what Romantica is. Maybe they are stories where the focus is on sex - explicit sex at that - but with an HEA between the H & H, as opposed to pure erotica which only focuses on sex.

McKenna is simply romantic suspense to me and her last couple of titles have not even reached the 'Hot' rating for me. I"ve read hotter ones from oldies like Linda Howard.

What makes a book hotter than another? The explicitness for one but that alone is insufficient. It has to have a hero who's dark and dangerous in and out of bed and, utimately, an author who knows sex begins and ends in my brain and is herself comfortable with writing sex scenes.

If this sex and the brain stuff what is known as Mind-Fucking then the Master Mind-Fucker is Jed McNeil. Only in this case, he not only starts it, he finishes it - Number One and Number Nine.


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