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Monday, February 27, 2006

Uber Writer's and Uber Roofer's Update

Writing Update

Almost. Almost. Almost there. It's been a struggle and perhaps like my character, Hell, I'm being put through the ultimate test to see whether I have it in me to see it through the first phase/book.

I must admit, it's a challenge to write a book not being sure who my own hero will be. It's fun to be "blind" like my heroine because I get to put her with all the commandos in potentially sexy situations, but it's also frustrating and challenging because I have to have complete control of what the characters say or do so they don't all sound the same or talk like a Chinese fortune cookie with ambiguous promises ;-).

So far, I have Hell at lunch with Flyboy, in a spell with Armando, in a mission with Alex, bumping heads with Jed, and now in a tub naked with Heath. Heeheehee. I am in so much trouble with y'all for telling you this ;-).

Where was I...yeah, almost done. I love doing sexy scenes. The experience is intimate and comes from the soul, and as a writer, you can't be afraid when you write them. Once I get that done, I think I'll know who our hero is. There is no way he could escape me then.... As for Hell, it shouldn't be long for her to find out too.

But it's good to say I'm at the final stretch. Two key scenes and hopefully a big finale. Then I can celebrate a little.

Personal Shit Update

Went to see the doctor about my inability to move around due to whatever it is I have--the skin allergies, the muscle spasms, the bathroom problems, the overall general blah. It could be stress he said (Magic's illness and passing, trying to finish my manuscript at the same time, painting, plastering, selling a house, running a roofing company, and that new detergent...which means that the doctor doesn't know and I paid him $100 to tell me that he doesn't know, so who's the stupid person here?), and for the privilege of paying him for that consultation he gave me a prescription for Prednisone. Wonderful. Now I have steroids in my system and will be banned from baseball forever and ever. I could say Ranger Buddy snuck me a health drink ;-).

Roof Update

The crapenters from hell have now decided to test my patience by not nailing in the rafters. You have a nailgun; it's supposed to make life easier, right? Nooooo. It just means you nail faster and wherever. It doesn't mean you will actually pull a line on the roof where the rafters are and nail ON THIS LINE so the plywood is attached to the main structure of the building! Of course not. It would make life too easy.

So now they have to endure my yelling at them in three languages again. Then they have to go back up and repeat work they should have done already. After that, some young 'un has to climb all over the rafters from UNDER the roof to tap out all the previous nails that didn't get the rafters (they are called shiners). That will be his job for the next three days because there are thousands of them, and I can't wait to see him doing that. Then I can stand on top of the loose parts where he's at and jump up and down to let him I know I'm enjoying his punishment. Won't listen to the girl when she tells you to do it right, huh? You can't escape the uber-roofer and uber-writer on a rampage, son.

Nothing like yelling to release some stress, I tell you.

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, I feel for you--the allergy part anyway. Been there and it's not picnic.

Way to go with the carpenters. It always amazes me that even when a woman [e.g. you] owns her own successful business some men think they can slide by because "she'll never know the difference." Grrrr.


Kate said...

I cannot wait until Hell's book is available for us uber-readers to see! All those men sound, just...incredible. Who could choose? And you should take a camera with you to work to get some pictures for future threats for your roofers. :)

And watch what you eat while you're on that prednizone -talk about the munchies! Prednizone is not my friend.


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