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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Uber Fantasy Lover

I have been running a contest from my website since SWTA came out. It's still open for the next month or so, and entries still trickle in. Anyway, the contest is just a simple question: Who do you want to sleep with? I didn't give any rules, just the fact that I get to pick the winning entry anyway I want.

The answers given by contestants have been quite revealing. Some readers have given the names of the heros in my books. The most popular one is...Rick Harden from Facing Fear ;-). Hmm, what is it with that dude, anyway? Must be that little sex toy in his drawer, LOL.

Jed McNeil is a close second. Everyone is intrigued by his badness too. And yes, there were a couple of entries who wanted both Jed and Rick in the same bed with them. I think those women have a lot of stamina ;-).

The most surprising answer, and from, as far as I know, a female contestant, is Marlena Maxwell. "She" finds Lena "sooooooo sexy and definitely wants to get on with her." I could take the entry three ways: 1) contestant is really sincere about her love for Lena 2) contestant is being tongue in cheek, or 3) contestant just wants my attention and maybe win the contest for such a unique answer.

Most revealing of all is the number of entries that state JAMES BOND as the answer:

"I would love to sleep with James Bond because he's the ultimate spy and would be so hot in bed."

"I've always wanted to sleep with James Bond, especially the Sean Connery looking one." (For some reason, I find that answer hilarious).

"James Bond! I love him! A ladies' man, yet so passionate when he finds a woman he wants and he always looks so good! And he's so cool and deadly. I love me a dangerous man."

"I would love to go "Oh, James," several times in the night with James Bond."

I did not expect so many James Bond fans among my readers. I certainly didn't realize that he could be spy-romance #1 fantasy dude ;-). I know, I know, I should have, being that James Bond is UBER-SPY, but for some reason, it just never crossed my mind. For me, James Bond is a male's ultimate spy-fantasy, with his gadgets and women, along with those ultra kewl snappy replies. I love watching James Bond, but was never turned on by him as a character (the actors--Connery and Brosnan--don't count, since fantasizing about the actor as character is an entirely different fantasy).

Then there are the replies that's more down-to-earth. One contestant just "wants to sleep with her husband." Her explanation was very romantic and sweet.

The funnier ones include the entry about wanting to sleep with her dog. fortunately (?), there was no elaboration of what exactly she meant! ;-) A woman wants to just sleep with herself. No details there either.

Movie stars: Brad Pitt is number one, followed by Colin Firth and Sean Connery. But names of movie stars are the smallest percentage in the answers given by the contestants. It seems romance readers want to sleep with fictional characters, not real live people, so there were plenty of great entries about what they would do with Steve McMillan, Hawk, even Cucumber from my books, as well as other great romance iconic names that are instantly recognizable--Rhett Butler, Wolf MacKenzie--to fans.

So, who do you want to sleep with? ;-)

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Mary Stella said...

If I'm going to be absolutely truthful, I don't want to sleep with any famous actors, rock stars or book characters. That's because I have no chance of sleeping with any famous actors, rock stars or book characters. *g*

However, I gotta tell you, there is this really hot guy in town that works on cars. Him, I could definitely sleep with.

SQ said...

Can't fantisize about main characters from books. It totally messes with the story. I mean, if I hooked up with Rick, what would happen to Nikki?

I would take any of those hottie SEALs. Hard body AND stamina...the mind boggles!

Mirmie said...

Jenn ~ I'm not sure I'd remember the "steps" if/whenever I find the opportunity to "dance" again. *sigh*

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella, there's this mechanic at Tuffy that I'm in lust with too. But I'm shallow like that.

SQ, you can pretend to be Nikki! I was surprised at how many wanted Reed. I thought Hawk would win hands down ;-).

Mirmie, hugs...the steps are will come back and you will dance again, sweetie.


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