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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Spies Need Downtime Too

After ten days in St. Louis (RT Convention) and New York City (business), and now just back from the Colorado Romance Writers Convention, I'm ready to just sit my butt on the roof and not move for a few months! I'm not complaining about the fun--meeting with fellow authors and exchanging ideas, meeting with readers and getting to know them, and just seeing new things...I always feel so charged up and ready to start writing after doing that.

But, I wonder, would uber-spies need any downtime at all? I mean, all that spying stuff's got to have some reward, right? ;-) Or, would they, like me, need time to catch up with laundry, bills, and all the other day-to-day stuff? I'm soooo behind when it comes to that--there is still a half-fallen tree in my yard, waiting for me to do something about it.

As I was leaving for the airport from work, I realized that I'd forgotten to bring a leather jacket. Colorado weather being so unpredictable, I really needed it, so I drove home. Just as I reached the driveway, the clutch in my Mitsubitshi went all the way down and never came back up. I was stuck. So I had to leave my car on the lawn while I was away. Another thing to deal with now that I'm back.

Of course, the bright side to that incident was that it happened AFTER I made the decision to drive home to retrieve my jacket, so maybe my guardian angel-spy was looking out for me. Imagine my disgust if I were stuck in the middle of traffic heading to the airport that day. And yeah, I'd have missed my plane.

As it was, everything else went smoothly--no delays in trips, great speakers at the convention, a couple of wonderful workshops that I attended, and all in all, a good four days away networking and enjoying Colorado.

But I can see that my personal clutch is falling apart at home--I need to find some personal downtime to take care of my vehicle (you know--body, mind, soul, spirit...) or I'll pay the consequences. So no more trips till July, when I'm heading to Charleston to be a speaker in a workshop (gulp)! I'm going to finish my revisions this week, and then concentrate on my Self for a whole...week ;-).

A burned-out spy is not a happy spy. A burned-out writer can make Muse very, very frustrated. I'll recharge by sitting in my tub and read two GREAT books that I've been looking forward to: the latest by Kylie Brant and La Anne Stuart. Ah...La Stuart is back with a shivering uber-baddest-boy spy in Black Ice. The title alone has been licking my chops. I wish my next book has such a cool title. Unfortunately, I have to deal with...sigh...I can't even say it in my own Blog without groaning, so let's not tonight.

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Leslie said...

I'm buying Black Ice too...can't wait! Tell more about your next proposal, please. I've been reading your other BLOG (FYEO) and your hints here. I'm dying to hear about Reed JOKER Vincenzio.

Danna said...

Sitting your butt on the roof eh? You are going to have me singing James Taylor for the rest of the day now ;)

I have been trying to get hold of you to let you know that Morning Star is being published.

Danna said...

I'll leave you my e-mail, but I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten all the help you gave me on the first half of the book.

My e-mail is

Gennita Low said...

I'll tell more about my proposal when I'm into that phase. Right now, I'm concentrating on my revisions and if I start spouting off on the other stuff, Muse will get me all excited and then...sigh...I'll never get revisions done.

Stay tune! I promise to give some details! And I totally want to get into Black Ice really, really soon.

Gennita Low said...


OMG, girl, where have you been? It's been soooo long and what wonderful news you brought! Congratulations--is Morning Star still titled that? Come to the Yahoogroup and tell me more about MS. Does the old group know about your success?

Hugs, and smiling for you!


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