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Saturday, May 07, 2005

If A Spy Disappears in NYC, Would Anyone Notice?

Missed me? A missing writer...more important than a missing spy, yes??? But we both take with us all our secretive worlds ;-).

I spent the last ten days doing amazing things that roofers don't usually do--masquerade parties; making contacts; trading secrets; scaling buildings; living in luxury suites; eating strange food in NYC; negotiating secret stuff; and of course, shopping. You would think I was a spy or something ;-). But no, no, I was just being the good author at the Romantic Times Convention at St. Louis and then at New York City where I met with my Agent for top secret stuff, heh.

I had a great time at the RT convention this year. It was a full schedule of meetings and parties for me. The best was meeting the Australian contingent, a group of twelve Australian booksellers who had worked really hard to fly over here to meet their favorite authors. They had a suite party and they invited me! I was there with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton, Robin Owens, just to name a few, wonderful writers that I really enjoy reading. The Australians had the best accent and they spoke really, really fast, just like this, with a little lilt at the end of their sentences, and they loved to dance and talk and drink, and kept me in stitches, especially with their retelling of their favorite scenes from Into Danger. (Let me just say that the Australian version of Stash vs Marlena in the hotel room is even raunchier than Gennita Low's, LOL)

Behind the scenes, of course, little-spy-Low was listening in to industry secrets and great spoilers too...shhh....

1) I know quite a bit about the next Anita Blake book, nyah, nyah. It sounds really good too, with other Masters of the City involved. A few past dangling plot threads will be tied up (here, Miss Hamilton, have another glass of wine, grin*)

2) There are plans for an anthology featuring Low, Lee and Liu. LOL. You girls figure that out.

And then off I went to NYC. Wow. How I love that city! There is soooo much to do and not enough $$$ and time. Saw three shows, ate huge dinners, went to an expensive restaurant, ate on the streets, went on a trishaw ride, escaped a crazed horse (don't ask), schmoozed with very TOP SECRET personnel (don't ask), met with art dealers in SOHO, got chased up 19 flights of stairs (don't ask...and yes, my body is still questioning the wisdom of this adventure), research on the coolest tiniest camera for my next spying technique...I wish I could tell you all the baaaaad things I did but then, I will have to kill you ;-).

So I'm home now, and back on the rooftop. Now THAT's normal.

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nightshield2003 said...

OMG!!! You're back! I'm so happy. :-) It's been a lonely week ('cept for yesterday but that's another story) with you being gone.

Wow. Definitely sounds like you had great time. Did you get LKH drunk so she'll give spoilers for her upcoming book(s)? ;-) And you got chased up 19 flights of stairs? And escaped a crazed horse? Jeez, Jen. LOLOL.

Welcome back!


Xs And Ys International said...

Leah, you meet up with Jenna and get her drunk.

I don't read the Anita Blake books--go figure--but I'm sure you and I know a lot of people who'll pay for the spoilers. ;)

Gennita Low said...

Hi Leah!

Yes, it's been a crazy week for the roofing author ;-). I couldn't believe I got to hear most of the next book from LKH's very own lips! And they Be Some Great Spoilers, oh yeah, baby. Esp. the part with Asher. Heh heh.

The crazed horse and the 19 flights of stairs...what happens in NYC stays in NYC ;-).


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