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Friday, April 22, 2005

Spies Can Have Hot Sex Any Time Of The Day.

When is the best time for anything? Our lives are cut into segments...some couples are so busy they even have to get out their little notebooks to circle out time for personal sexy business. Not uber-spies or roofers, of course ;-). We have time for everything, LOL, even coolly doing interviews while sweating our balls off....

The Orlando Sentinel reporter and photographer came out on the job today and surprised me by actually climbing on the roof! So there they were, perched on the peak, asking questions and taking pictures, while I did my roofing thing. No questions about my writing--just roofing stuff (what's that? What are you doing now? Why do you use this?). I was wearing my hat (very sunny) and felt sorry because it was obvious that the two women were getting really hot.

Then they followed me and Ranger Buddy to lunch, and they were regaled by RB's marvelous sense of humor. They were quite taken ;-). I told him later that the article better be more about ME than HIM, heh.

One of the questions asked was: "Why do you write at lunch time? Why not any other time of the day?" I gave the standard answer that I get too tired by the time I'm home and after dinner, it was downhill where mental work was concerned.

I thought about this later and realized that it was only partially true. We as writers always have a 'natural' writing time. Some function better in the wee hours of the morn; some do their best writing after dinner when the family's busy watching TV; others spend all day at Star Bucks writing, like a regular 9am-4pm job. My natural writing time has always been either very, very early in the morning (when the whole world seems cocooned in sleep) or at lunch (when the whole world is preoccupied with munching, heh). I have written at other hours, of course, but my creative juices seem to flow best during those times.

I suppose I can "train" myself to write at night, from, let's say, 9pm to midnight. It would be great if I can stick to it because I'd have pages and pages done in no time ;-). Alas, it seems those three hours are allocated to the great life-sucking black hole called The Web. Email, looking at sites, reading reviews, writing in blogs, chatting on IM...I do all this while watching 24 or The Amazing Race. Sometimes, when I have a guest staying here, I'd, of course, reluctantly leave the addiction to go sit by him ;-).

When I'm really focused on my story, the telling happens in my head for hours while I work. I don't have the need to put anything in writing at all while I 'go with the flow.' This happens often while I'm nailing shingles in 120 degrees heat, especially when there is an important scene happening in the story on which I'm working. To me, this is infinitely better than staring at a blank screen on my puter or a blank piece of paper. By the time I'm ready to write, my characters have already shown me the direction to take.

This process sounds easier than it is! It can take Muse days to give me the next clue. When I was writing Facing Fear, I was very frustrated because I knew there were three 'prophecies' Nikki's grandmother gave her. But only two were revealed to me, and as prophecies went, they were vague and ominous-sounding. I had no idea how they fit into Nikki's story, although it became clear, to me at least, that the grandmother might have known about her grand-daughter's future loss of self.

The really big scenes were spewed out in the diner among very hungry, sweaty construction men between noon and 2pm every day. The more everyone around me concentrated on their food and lives, the more my characters kept my inner focus on their survival ;-). When I reread Facing Fear, I see so many references to food, it's pretty funny. Now when you read about Rick's and Nikki's hunger for each other; for the truth; for revenge, be sure to remember the group of sweaty men with their faces in their food, LOL.

With that, I segue to one of RB's little stories to the captivated reporter: "One time, I was bothering Jenn while she was writing (he always interrupts me to get me to hear him read some news item). I kept at it until she looked up with a frustrated gleam in her eye and yelled, "Quit bothering me! I'm in the middle of very hot sex right now!" The whole place had gone very quiet and Jenn didn't even notice. She went back to her hot sex and me to my paper." Heh heh, it's all about timing. Told ya us uberspies and uber-roofers have time for sex any tome of the day! I wonder whether that would make it into the article.

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